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Feb 16, 2015 - A Letter From Our President:

GCT has a fine history of being an excellent community theater organization. Due to current circumstances, however, we are regretfully unable to produce a musical for the summer of 2015. We are disappointed by this situation and are hopeful to produce a Christmas show in 2015.

Of utmost importance for a future show and for the organization is the immediate need for new board members. These positions guide the show production, budgeting, organizing committees, and steering the overall corporate function of GCT. The commitment is usually 2 years and can extend with interest.

I know there are many parents and families that enjoy our yearly productions and can positively add to the productions with minimal commitment of time. The Board meets 1x per month prior to the show and usually takes off July and August from meeting.

Please consider a position on the board and inquire to prior to March 16, 2015, if interested.

Thank you, Jim Hurd

Current President, GCT


P.O. Box 595 - Gardner, KS 66030

Enriching, educating, and entertaining our community by providing a superior theatre performance.